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Jungian Oriented Art Therapy and Dream Pattern Analysis


Individual Art Therapy

Witnessing and Honoring the Journey

Individuals can gain insight into their inner world through image making.  Art can hold the expression of experiences for which there are no words.  Working from a Jungian orientation, Maggi listens to unconscious communication through stories and image making to help you make sense of your internal world,  and thereby gain insight as you navigate life's challenges.

Dream Pattern Analysis

Knowledge from the Depth

Dreams bring forth the original, creative, primordial image arising from our unconscious minds and are just waiting to be discovered.  Dreams speak through the symbolism of images for realignment to an individual's currents of life.  Maggi is a master dream pattern analyst, trained to translate the individualized language of your personal symbol set from your dreams.  Psyche is calling you to unearth this rich wisdom of dreams and take up the keys to unlocking your destiny. 

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Art Therapy Dream Group

Connection, Creativity, and Clarity

While dream groups used to be rare online, dream groups provide a way to share your dreams with others in a supportive and creative environment.  Dream pattern analysis in a group setting can also be more practical for some individuals, as the cost is greatly reduced from individual therapy.

A new dream group is currently in formation. Contact me below for more information and to be added to the interest list.

Grief Work 

In the Wake of the Storm

Sometimes a tragedy befalls, for which there are no words.  Life changes can turn worlds upside down and the creative process can help navigate muddy waters to find healing.  Art therapy can create a safe harbor within which the therapist can witness, honor, and protect the bereaved during the twists and turns throughout the healing process. Drawing from experience in the hospice and bereavement setting, Maggi walks with the bereaved on their grief journey.

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